Skyline (2010)

From the directing team which brought us Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem (a personal favorite of mine, really underrated sci-fi film) The Brothers Strause's Skyline is a respectable, if sometimes boring outing of flimsy humans vs. giant Cloverfield/Guillermo Del Toro-looking cyborg-zombie-Godzilla-octopus aliens and their gorgeous blue light.

What's not to like?

Sure it's cheesy to the nth, but if it's going to be cheesy, that's exactly how cheesy it ought to be.

Skyline's aliens don't make any bones about it. As in "V" or Independence Day, they quickly dominate the skyline. Beacons or tractor beams of blue light slurp up people starting from the brain and saving more incidental parts for last.

But there's a simple secret to avoiding those beams: don't look. However, this is not a spoiler, not looking at the beams is no guarantee of anything as the attack widens and spreads. This leads to one of the singularly worst lines in action movie history: "What are you gonna do when all the blinds fall down? It's not exactly like we have a lot more bedsheets!"

Lack of clean bedding aside, the film itself is a pretty clean hit. The people are mildly interesting to boring to stupid, as one might expect from a lot of Angelenos and their weekend guests.

When the people we get to see under attack aren't brooding, fighting or changing their minds every five minutes, their acting portrayals are pretty good. They don't let the fact that their characters are completely replaceable and useless keep them from taking it all seriously.

Eric Balfour is the lead human, and he's pretty good, sort of a hipster Errol Flynn in hell. Unfortunately, he's also the chief brooder, which undercuts his credibility a bit. Fortunately, character credibility is not the most necessary quality for this movie.

Skyline. Is it the greatest alien invasion film ever made? Not by a longshot. Is it fun, mostly suspenseful, funny, cheesy, campy and brutal? Yes. And that is, at least, good. The music is terrible.


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